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Glassworks ”CZECHY” has a 30-year tradition in the production and decoration of glass, selling high quality decorated glass containers. 

Application of the most sophisticated techniques enables us to implement the most demanding projects, we decorate 10 millions bottles yearly for Polish and foreign customers. Production is mainly based on the experience and professionalism. Machines that the Glassworks is equipped with enable to decorate cosmetic, alcohol and food containers.

Glassworks offers different techniques of decoration: silk screen printing, shining silk screen printing, powder painting, ceramic calque. We offer also services of water decoration and hot-stamping.

Silk screen printing – direct glass decoration. Depending on the enamel, the decoration is burned in the temperature of 100˚ (organic enamel) or in the temperature 600˚ (ceramic enamel).

Shining silk screen printing – effect of shining gold or shining platinum thanks to the use of enamel with the 10% addition of precious metallic elements burned in 600˚ temperature.

Powder painting – entire decoration of glass with use of epoxy glazing. In order to do that mat covering, shining and transparent paints are used.

Ceramic calque – decoration of glass with use of a decorated ceramic calque. Multicoloured printing with shining gold and platinum effects.

We invite you to visit our internet gallery where you will find pictures of our decorated containers.

We have been constantly working on widening of our offer and we have been taking up new challenges.

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