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Glass containers are produced with use of automatic method from high-purity raw materials, mostly of mineral origin. Appropriately assorted raw materials are weighted automatically, mixed and poured continuously together with return cullet into the glass-furnace, where melting takes place in the temperature of 1500oC.

Melted and cleared glass mass flows through feeders’ system to forming machines, in which in result of blowing process, it takes the form of mould interior.

Upon forming, the product is subject to hot refining process, and then to stress relief annealing, cold refining and 100% visual control on the production line and statistical quality control (in laboratory).

The products are packed on cardboard trays, the trays are arranged on pallets and then wrapped into thermo-shrinking foil (polyethylene).

The basic commercial unit is one pallet containing from 2,000 to 20.000 pcs. of products, depending on its size.