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Huta Szkła "Czechy" SA offers modern, high-quality packages made from transparent glass to be used in the following industries:
-perfumes and cosmetics industry - 4-700 ml capacity
-spirits industry – 20-1000 ml capacity
-food industry – 30–700 ml capacity

We have in use three production lines – double gob, 6-section row IS Machine manufactured by EMHART.

The glassworks employees 290 workers. We produce ca 150 million glass packages yearly.

We have our own mould-manufacturing department and an-in house design team, and we can easily introduce new packages, designed by us or by our customers, to our production.
The conceptions and designs of new products and moulds for their production, are always preceded with thorough analysis of product space visualization, with use of 3D CAD or AutoCAD programmes. Co-operation with customer in this process enables us designing the product, which shall fully correspond to the expectations of the customer and the final user, as relates to its usable and esthetical values.

Our Decoration Department is equipped with the line for glass products’ depolishment with use of expoxide glazing method and line for one- or multi-colour screen-printing.
For products with oval section we have a Italian machine for high-class three-colour screen printing providing the possibility of applying two coats of colour at one side of the product and third coat on the other side of the product.

Approx, 50% of our products is destined for export, among other to the EU countries, the United States, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and to South America, Middle East and North Africa.

Our motto is innovativeness, flexibility and promptness in conforming to the market changes.